Alice™ S by Aasted

The Alice™ S is an extruder for handling sticky, dense and stringy medium to heavy masses. The Alice™ S can e.g. be the workhouse for your bar line for a single or double layered product. The head is engineered for high torque with few moving parts in an all stainless steel construction. 

The all stainless steel construction meets the requirements for frequent cleaning and where sanitation is of extreme importance. As an extruder, the Alice™ S can be adjusted with a vertical head movement and can be fitted with a number of forming and cutting tools. The belt width is available up to 800mm.

Product Details

ManufacturerAasted [Enquire]
Product:Alice™ S
Category:Processing Equipment
Industry:Chocolate & Cocoa - Chocolate, Sugar Confectionery - Hard Candy, Sugar Confectionery - Jellies & Gums, Sugar Confectionery - Other
Exhibition:interpack 2020

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