Bakery Line by Aasted

The Aasted Bakery line consists of high-quality elements of our heating, extruding and cooling technologies. The first section (the feed section) consists of a tensioning station, as well as an Alice™ extruder. By having an Alice™ in the bakery line, you will have endless possibilities regarding product development and dynamic production.

The second section (the oven section) consists of either a DGF, Convection or Hybrid oven from our Conny™ series – depending on the product you want to produce. The third section (the discharge section) consists of a driving station and a cooling system – depending on the products to bake. As always, the line can be customized with different modules in the tensioning station like a depositor or a complimentary enrober after the cooling section.

Product Details

ManufacturerAasted [Enquire]
Product:Bakery Line
Category:Processing Equipment
Industry:Bakery - Biscuits, Bakery - Bread, Bakery - Crackers & Related, Bakery - Wafers
Exhibition:interpack 2020

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