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Manufacturing marshmallow, jam or other products calls for a cooking system to produce the base syrup. The working principle of the Cooking kitchen is actually evaporation of the water content to increase the percentage of solids (°Brix). For most syrups water, glucose, sugar and in certain cases a hydrocolloid are mixed. Then steam is used to heat the cooker and cook the syrup, thus partially evaporating the water. The level of evaporation depends on the type of candy being made. For some syrups a batch-type cooker with a stirring system is needed; other syrups need a thermosyphon system that generates natural product agitation. Which type and size of cooker you need for your specific product will be advised by a TFT specialist for each process individually.

  • Fully automated system where the final Brix value is put into the system as a set point
  • No human interference so no cooking errors
  • Operator safety guaranteed since the complete system is closed
  • The same cooker is usable for many types of product

For complete solutions for jelly & gums, and candy bars, there is a close cooperation with Tanis Confectionery.

For many types of products the production process starts with a cooking step. Whether you want to make marshmallow, pectin jelly, caramel, nougat, angel kiss or other products there are several types of cookers that can be of use. For high capacity continuous processes there are two main types of cookers developed by TFT. It depends on the product to be made but for pectin jelly and caramel or toffee the batch type cooker is the best choice. This cooker is heated by steam and cooking is performed using mechanical agitation under pressure to cook at lower temperatures and still be able to evaporate the required amount of moisture and thus achieve the correct level of solids (°Bx). When the correct temperature is reached a vacuum is applied on the cooker to immediately reduce the temperature to approximately 80°C for further processing.


  • Fully automated cooking so full temperature control and very accurate and reproducible cooking results
  • No risk of milk protein or pectin burning into heating coils
  • Closed system so no chance of foreign bodies coming in the product nor vapours exiting into production area
  • Cooling down for further processing is finished from 125°C to 80°C in seconds
  • TFT has vast knowledge on cooking and is able to provide the full development package

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    Product:Batch Cooker
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    Industry:Sugar Confectionery - Jellies & Gums
    Exhibition:interpack 2020

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