In the entire food industry we recognize a trend to produce neutral product ( base or mother product without coloring or flavoring) and give the final product its own identity as close to depositing point (production line) as possible. This method reduces waste and abbreviate change-over times. For in-line mixing TFT manufactures a wide range of equipment: from high accuracy pumping units up to inline mixers, both dynamic and static.

The TFT dynamic mixer is designed to mix color, flavor and many other liquid products into a primary liquid flow. In combination with (mass) flow measurement your recipe can be made in-line in a continuous way. The dynamic mixer can be used in many temperature and shear sensitive bakery and confectionary applications.


  • A good solution for in-line mixing also when viscosities widespread
  • A good solution for temperature and sheer sensitive products
  • In-line mixing replaces batch mixing and reduces product loss and down time
  • Fully CIP-able application
  • Easy change-overs between different recepies

    Product Details

    ManufacturerTanisFoodTec [Enquire]
    Category:Processing Equipment
    Industry:Sugar Confectionery - Jellies & Gums
    Exhibition:interpack 2020

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