ColdPress by Knobel

The patented ColdPress® System allows the production of perfectly uniform and thin (or thick) shells. By using an individual stamp design you can easily produce complex products. With the stamp design you can make sure that the shell-thickness, from 0.5mm upwards, remains uniformly equal, irrespective of the product shape. 

The following list shows some typical ColdPress® applications:

  • pralines
  • bars
  • pralines without base – cups
  • hollow figures
  • semi-finished products in blisters
  • assorted pralines
  • chocolates with wafers or biscuits
  • pralines with nuts or cherries

With the ColdPress® System you can produce a precise shell also for hollow figures and surprise eggs. Of course you can also retrofit your existing line with the ColdPress® System.

The ColdPress® System gives you the possibility to use very different fillings, such as aerated masses or a very fluid liquor. Using One-Shot you can also deposit two fillings in one shell with the same depositor.

Using the individual stamp design together with a Hi-Flex rimcutter allows you to make a perfectly defined rim, which is very important to achieve  a perfect sealed closure of a shell with a bottom as well as for the production of an open shell without bottom, placed in blister.

The ColdPress® System allows working with an ambient temperature around 0°C and with line-speeds up to 24 moulds/min. Working in a dew point controlled and dry environment is essential to avoid condensation.

Clean and precise deposits make it possible to have in the same mould products with dark, milk and white chocolate shells. This gives you the possibility to produce an assortment of pralines with very different fillings in the same mould.

The ColdPress® System in combination with Knobel depositing technology gives you an excellent cost control by achieving precise volumes for the shell, filling and bottom. ColdPress® technology gives you a constant quality of product, independent from external factors.

Product Details

ManufacturerKnobel [Enquire]
Category:Processing Equipment
Industry:Bakery - Wafers, Chocolate & Cocoa - Chocolate
Exhibition:interpack 2020

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