OHD Manifold Drive System by WymbsEngineering

It takes a special kind of depositing system to deposit aerated chocolate. With no available foamable protein to protect the cell structure, controlling the the crystallisation of the fat mass is sacrosanct which means careful attention to temperature and pressure. 

Designed for mounting above an existing processing line, travelling steel oven band or tray conveyor.

Can be added to machines already in use or integrally built with it’s own depositing conveyor and can be equipped with various types of pressurised plain, combination and marshmallow wire cut manifolds.


  • Stainless-steel cladding & support structure
  • Local touch screen HMI with remote electrical panel
  • Drive system suited to a continuously or intermittently running moulding line or hollow wafer plant
  • Typical operating widths of:
    800mm : 1000mm : 1200mm
  • Servo controlled piston drive
  • Pipe work compete with a tranquillizer pressure surge suppression valve
  • Maintenance trolley
  • Servo controlled rotary valves
  • Manifold jacketed for precise temperature control
  • Process temperature and pressure monitoring as part of the overall control system
  • No mould – No deposit

Product Applications

  • Aerated “bubbly” chocolate tablets and bars
  • Hollow wafer cream fillings
  • Fondant cream fillings for chocolate shell moulding lines


Product Details

ManufacturerWymbsEngineering [Enquire]
Product:OHD Manifold Drive System
Category:Processing Equipment
Industry:All Other Industries, Bakery - Wafers, Chocolate & Cocoa - Pre Moulding, Sugar Confectionery - Other
Exhibition:ProSweets 2020

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