The TFT-RotoBatter is a batch mixer or pre mixer designed to mix dry an liquid ingredients to a homogeneous mass or batter. Executed with two (top driven) agitators both mixing and scraping guarantees not only a prefect mix, but also an optimal emptying and possible heat transfer from the (optional) jacket. The bottom mounted transfer pump empties the mixer (also upstream or over longer distance). Off course CIP, ingredient feeding and controls are part of the concept.



  • Not a general purpose machine adapted to a batter mixer, but a dedicated design for batter mixing
  • Minimal aeration in the batch mixer to improve density control. Air should be introduced in the continuous aerator only and not uncontrolled in a batch mixer
  • CIP-able design
  • Prepared to be connected and communicate with (third party) dosing systems
  • Can be executed with loadcell weighing system
  • Two top drives, no seals in product.
  • Also available in jacketed execution (for temperature control)
  • Unit can be fully integrated in TFT control software and tempering/ mixing solutions

    Product Details

    ManufacturerTanisFoodTec [Enquire]
    Category:Processing Equipment
    Industry:Sugar Confectionery - Hard Candy
    Exhibition:interpack 2020

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