Volumetric Depositing Manifolds by WymbsEngineering

Our volumetric manifolds provide “swept volume” depositing accuracy whilst maintaining Wymbs’ “hopperless” principles for maintaining complete control of the mass being deposited. Non-metallic pistons with integrated seals, servo driven, are combined with stainless steel cylinders with a honed inside surface to provide the highest level of depositing accuracy and can be fitted to our ORBIS overhead, ORBIS under band, OCD & CDS manifold drive system as well as being tailored to for retro-fitting onto OEM partner machines. Features Standard main body construction from high food grade Aluminium Option for non-corrosive main body construction from Titanium Internal water galleries for heating and cooling Cleaning attachments to facilitate CIP Rotary valves (open / close) manufactured from stainless steel and housed in resilient sealing cups Various nozzles, “plain” or “fancy multi-peak” available Deposit weight, speed of operation is controlled from the HMI fitted to one of our manifold drive systems. These manifolds are truly volumetric and require no balancing. Product Applications Marshmallow Fondants & Icings Caramels & Toffees Jam & Jellies Sponge batter Meringue Jaffa jam Chocolate & Compounds Aerated chocolate   

Product Details

ManufacturerWymbsEngineering [Enquire]
Product:Volumetric Depositing Manifolds
Category:Processing Equipment
Industry:All Other Industries, Bakery - Wafers, Chocolate & Cocoa - Pre Moulding, Sugar Confectionery - Jellies & Gums, Sugar Confectionery - Other

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