2008 Bühler Flour Mill by AllSurplus

150 tonnes per day

Built & installed 2008/2009. Milling started Sept 2009. Some equipment dates back to 2000

Bühler grain separator
Pipe magnet
3 Airchannels
Stone separator
Dust aspirator producer euroventilator
4 Bühler Supersonic filters
Genc trieur
Sicom wheat scourer
Washing machine
Bühler rollermills 8×1000/250 & 2x 1250/250
4 Bühler square plansifter 6 part
4 Bühler bran finisher
7 Bühler impact detacher
3Bühler semolina purifier
Sangati vibro sifter
33 Airlocks
90 Pietro Musolino pneumatic aspirators
Elevator 4x10t/4 & 3x40t/4
3 Rotoflows
6 Extraction scale with electronics
12 Eclus air locks
13 Pneumatic way clamps, FI 160 & FI 80
Control plansifter
Technipes single head packing machine
Technipes double head packing machine
2 Atlas Copco GA50 & GA30 compressors
All silos

Automated milling process with Siemens S7400 PLC and Siemens WinCC supervision system.

Real time graphic supervision & monitoring interface of all equipment and alarms.

The whole grain processing is divided into sections, each with its own start & stop commands, such as the setting of the operating parameters such as source silos, destination silo, quantity.

The integrated yield program allows continuous monitoring of the production yield of the wheat being processed & controls of grain moisture.

Actual PLC configuration: Central rack with a Siemens S74010 CPU with an ethernet interface for PC connection & a Profibus port to manage the following remote items:
– Nr. 7 electrical board with remote I/O installed in different floors
– Nr. 1 Hygros-tec for moisture control (Celmec)
– Nr. 4 Bühler dosers for silo extraction
The PC has the control of the BER scales by serial 485 connection . In this way it is possible to take the right production rate for the yeld calculation.

The Supervisor is developed in Siemens Wincc Scada and runs in a virtual machine easy to replicate in order to avoid the stop of supervisor for a PC HW problem.

See flow chart diagrams under photos above.

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ManufacturerAllSurplus [Enquire]
Product:2008 Bühler Flour Mill
Category:Refurbished / Used Equipment
Industry:All Other Industries, Bakery - Biscuits, Bakery - Bread, Bakery - Crackers & Related, Bakery - Wafers, Fruit/Nut Based Products

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