2009 Flour Mill Laboratory by AllSurplus

2009 Flour mill laboratory with a variety of equipment and instruments including

Perten instruments GM2200 Glutomatic gluten analsyer with Perten Instruments CF 2015 centrifuge

Perten instruments IM 8600 Ash Inframatic flour analyser

Perten instruments 120 laboratory mill

Brabender 810114 farinograph

Brabender 860702 extensograph

2 no. Ohaus AV4102C laboratory scales

Perten instruments FN 1700 falling number tester

Product Details

ManufacturerAllSurplus [Enquire]
Product:2009 Flour Mill Laboratory
Category:Refurbished / Used Equipment
Industry:All Other Industries, Bakery - Biscuits, Bakery - Bread

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