1999/2000 Fruit & Vegetable Processing Factory by AllSurplus

60,000 tonnes per year


60,000 tonnes per year fruit/vegetable products
20,000 tonnes per year juice

The plant was installed 1999/ 2000 but was only in operation for 3 years. The principal items of equipment supplied by FMC and Tetra Pak. The plant includes pasteurising, sterilising, cooking, concentrating and packaging equipment

17,500m2 factory with site infrastructure including boiler room, water station, weigh bridge/auto scale, gas installation, diesel installation and electrical plant

Flexible, seasonal production
• Packaging in 200kg, 20kg & 10kg aseptic bags, 4250ml, 1000ml, 500ml cans
• Off season production of pastes, jams and juices

Products include
• Tomato Products: tomato paste 28-30%, peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato juice 6 Bx, tomato puree 9 Bx
• Marinated products: gherkins, beetroot, pepperoni hot, mixed vegetables salad, red long paprika, tomato paprika with cabbage, tomato paprika, tomato paprika cut, giardinera mixed vegetables, red paprika sliced, sourcabbage, cabbage leaves for sarma, djuvech
• Traditional delicatessen products: ajvar, lutenica, red paprika roasted
• Marmelades & jams: mixed marmalade, peach marmalade, apricot marmalade, mixed jam, peach jam, apricot jam
• Compotes: sourcherry pasteurised, cherry compote, peach compote, apricot compote, plum compote
• Nectars and juices: peach nectar, apricot nectar, cocktail juice, A+C+E vit juice, 100% orange juice, 50% orange juice, 100% apple juice

Product Details

ManufacturerAllSurplus [Enquire]
Product:1999/2000 Fruit & Vegetable Processing Factory
Category:Test / Pilot Equipment
Industry:All Other Industries, Fruit/Nut Based Products, Sugar Confectionery - Jellies & Gums, Sugar Confectionery - Other

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