PGPR 4150 by Palsgaard

DESCRIPTIONPalsgaard® PGPR 4150 is a polyglycerol polyricinoleate (PGPR) with unique functional properties.Palsgaard® PGPR 4150 is the most functional and efficient PGPR in the market and has a strong effect on especially the Casson yield value in chocolate and compound systems. Palsgaard® PGPR 4150 is an excellent choice when reduced fat content is requested and the unique functionality makes it possible to work with recipes on the edge of what is possible.As Palsgaard® PGPR 4150 is mainly reducing the yield value it is usually used in combination with ammonium phosphatide (Palsgaard® AMP 4455) or lecithin to achieve optimal results. The unique functionality enables production of very low fat chocolates.GeneralLow dosage – big effectCost savingsLow fat contentNeutral in taste and odourUniform and documented functionalityMouldingEasier flowEasier distribution in mouldsLess need for vibrationBetter coating of inclusionsAvoid air bubblesCoatingEasier flowUniform and complete coatingAvoid air bubbles (leaks)Control of the chocolate layerIce cream coatingUniform coatingControl of the chocolate layerReduction of pinholesResistance to water contaminationOptimal mouldingAdding PGPR and reducing the yield value helps to achieve chocolates without air bubbles, and also improves the distribution within mouldings and the moulding of chocolate inclusions. Imagine a simpler process with:Easy removal of air bubbles during the vibration step of the moulding processEffortless and rapid distribution of chocolate into the corners of the mouldsComplete coverage of chocolate inclusions

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ManufacturerPalsgaard [Enquire]
Product:PGPR 4150

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